Searching for Software Partners

Google today introduced Google Enterprise Professional
Program, a partner service for developers, consultants and independent
software vendors looking to increase Google’s enterprise search capabilities.

The new enterprise group, which has more than 2,000 customers and has
experienced more than 100 percent growth in the first half of this year,
allows service providers and software developers to be trained in Google’s
professional products.

The program is geared at helping Google customers extend their use of
enterprise products to hard-to-search areas of their infrastructure, such as
legacy data locked in a mainframe, information on a highly secure government
network or real-time customer data in an enterprise application, the company

The Mountain View, Calif.-based search firm also expects partners like Herndon,
Va.-based LMN Solutions to help pave the way into intelligence and defense
facilities that their engineers have traditionally had trouble entering.

Matt McKnight, president of LMN Solutions, said his firm will bring the
speed, quality and simplicity of Google search to U.S. government customers
focused on secure access to information across disparate systems within
their organizations.

“Our understanding of their specific architectural and policy requirements,
combined with Google’s technology, will give federal enterprises the
capability to quickly find all information relevant to their mission,” he
said in a statement.

The program is open to developers, consultants and independent software
vendors for an annual membership of $10,000, which covers the cost of
training, certification and support, the company said.

In addition, partners receive a development version of the Google Search
Appliance and a Google enterprise SDK.

“As a leader in mainframe integration, NEON Systems is excited to be
partnering with Google to extend the simple, robust indexing and search
capability of the Google Enterprise Appliance to the many mainframe
‘systems-of-record’ which still underpin the largest global businesses,”
Mark Cresswell, president and CEO of NEON Systems, said in a statement.

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