SecureMedia Encrypted Streaming in RealSystem iQ

RealNetworks new RealSystem iQ has integrated SecureMedia’s high-speed Encryptonite Engine to enable end-to-end, on-the-fly protection of streamed content. With the addition of stream encryption, media content providers and broadcasters can launch secure streaming media subscription, on-demand or live performance services. Supporting over 45 media types, RealSystem iQ can securely stream a broad range of premium content from the server to the player, preventing unauthorized capture, redirection or copying of streams.

“We’re delighted to see that RealNetworks has integrated our Encryptonite Engine into the world’s most widely deployed streaming media platform,” said Jack Oswald, CEO of SecureMedia, “With the RealSystem iQ release, content owners can now be confident that their valuable media assets will be streamed to their intended customers and will not be pirated in transit.”

SecureMedia’s Encryptonite Engine, integrated in RealSystem iQ, is optimized for streaming media delivery and represents a fundamental breakthrough in public key encryption technology. The Encryptonite Engine uses a patent-pending Indexed Encryptio technology that encrypts each packet of streamed content, while maintaining execution speeds.

The Encryptonite Engine is transparent to the user and provides a quality consumer experience. It is immune to transmission losses and packet errors, and supports DVD-equivalent control of the stream, such as fast-forward, seek and rewind. For live broadcasts, the Encryptonite Engine allows users to tune in at anytime during the program, as it is able to decrypt immediately at any point.

“RealNetworks has established new territory with the unparalleled quality of RealAudio(R) 8 and RealVideo(R) 8 and as a result security has become a fundamental requirement of RealSystem,” said Ben Rotholtz, general manager, products and systems, RealNetworks, Inc. “The seamless integration of SecureMedia’s Encryptonite Engine into RealSystem iQ now provides the world’s broadcast and content provider communities seamless and unencumbered protection of their programming transmissions.”

“Real Networks is a clear industry leader and at the technological forefront of streaming media delivery. Their decision to ship the Encryptonite Engine as a standard capability integrated into RealSystem iQ indicates that the industry is rapidly converging on the Encryptonite Engine as the de-facto encryption standard for broadband media,” concluded Oswald.

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