Servertec Launches iServer for Java-based Web Applications

Servertec recently
announced the release of iServer, a small, scalable Web Application Server
that is based in Java. Potential users can download the preview release
from the Servertec Web site at no charge.

iServer is designed to serve static Web pages as well as function as an
application server for generating dynamic, data driven Web pages using Java
Servlets, iScript, CGI and Server Side Includes (SSI). Using the iServer
environment, developers can build and deploy cross platform Web-based
Internet and extranet applications.

According to Servertec, this release of iServer is “faster, more reliable
and more scalable, better secured, easier to administer and utilizes less
resources and bandwidth.” New features in this release include:

  • load balancing, fault resistant cluster redirector for improved
    reliability and better scalability
  • security service that limits access to resources based on user’s
    access rights
  • support for basic authentication using BASE64 encoding
  • support for Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • support for database connection pools for efficient resource utilization
  • file caching for improved performance and reduced disk IO
  • support for connection keep alive for better performance and reduced
  • improved error handling and reporting
  • support for HTTP session binding listener/event
  • preloads commonly used server templates for improved performance
  • a separate file/directory handing component
  • administration of connection pools, users, groups, realms, access
    rights, resources and access control lists

For additional information about iServer, or to download the free iServer
preview release, visit the company’s Web site.

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