SharpeWare Announces Link-n-Go Plug-ins

SharpeWare this week announced Link-n-Go, its suite of Web applications that can be included in any Web site. Link-n-Go Plug-ins provides dynamic enhancements to a Web site, but doesn’t require users to have technical knowledge.

Link-n-Go Plug-ins can be included in any Web site; designers utilize dedicated links, pages or frames which point to the Link-n-Go Plug-ins at appropriate places within the site. No additional software needs to be downloaded by the visitor, nor does any software need to be installed on the Web server.

Once a site is “plugged in,” the Link-n-Go apps can automatically fit in with a site’s style, including logos and background graphics. By using dynamic page creation and Java applets, users can customize both style, rich text and graphic content. Administrative features are managed through the Web browser. Link-n-Go Plug-ins can even provide automated remote management and reporting via email.

Link-n-Go plug-ins currently include Shop, Chat, Mailing List, Product Manager and News, with other plug-ins in development. All of the plug-ins use newly available Lotus R5 technology, which provides the integrated, secure environment that enables Plug-ins to be created and used.

All Link-n-Go Plug-ins can be freely downloaded and evaluated from the Web site. Expected pricing will be from $8 per month per Plug-in, with a $20 one time set-up fee.

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