SoftQuad Upgrades HoTMetaL

SoftQuad, Inc. today introduced a new version of HoTMetaL PRO that now offers users expanded features and an integrated suite of authoring and site management tools in one application.

HoTMetaL PRO 5.0 offers users three editing views: a WYSIWYG view for quickly prototyping pages; a source code view for total control over a page’s HTML; and SoftQuad’s unique Tags On view for the precision of source editing with the convenience of WYSIWYG.

In addition, HoTMetaL PRO 5.0’s advanced site management tools are completely
integrated within the application and include powerful link-checking and
management; site-wide search and replace for text, tags, URLs and meta data;
easy site navigation; and an FTP client for one-button publishing to single
multiple servers.

HoTMetaL PRO 5.0’s new features include:

  • expanded source code editing capabilities like soft text-wrap, line numbering, and syntax coloring
  • accurate WYSIWYG display
  • an integrated browser preview
  • and a flexible new Resource Manager to easily use and manage digital assets, including JavaScript codelets, whether they reside on a user’s hard disk or network.

For new users seeking to be productive without delay, HoTMetaL PRO 5.0
offers a
powerful Site Maker wizard. Users simply choose page types, a layout, and a graphic theme–Site Maker will automatically customize the entire site, ready to accept text and graphics.

HoTMetaL PRO 5.0 also includes the HoTMetaL Power Pack, a complete off-line
development and testing solution for HoTMetaL Application Server. Using the
easy-to-master, tags-based Miva Markup Language, developers can quickly
secure, interactive Web applications, like an e-commerce storefront, a
board or an online survey, directly within HoTMetaL PRO 5.0.

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