Solutionsoft Introduces IDE for Perl

Solutionsoft today announced the availability of the pre-release version of Perl Builder, the first IDE (integrated development environment) for Perl.

Perl Builder includes a visual editor and debugger, along with tools designed to help automate the Perl development process.

The Perl Builder IDE features a CGI simulator that enables developers to
create, debug, and test their CGI scripts on the Microsoft Windows 95/NT OS
without using a Web server.

The Perl Builder environment is similar to other IDEs such as Visual Basic,
Visual C++ and Delphi, giving developers already familiar with those tools a
head start. Among the features of Perl Builder are color syntax highlighting, a suite of debugging commands including breakpoints, watches, and single step, and “tool tip” variable inspection.

One of the highlights of Perl Builder is the CGI Wizard, a code generator that automates the CGI script development process without programming.
Some of the many uses of the CGI Wizard include Dynamic HTML output, automated e-mail messages, and field validation algorithms.

Perl Builder 1.0 is expected to be released on June 1, 1998 with a retail
price of $149. Developers can download a free pre-release copy from the Solutionsoft Perl Builder Site.

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