SourceForge Updates Closed Source

SourceForge Enterprise Edition 4.3 (SFEE) is now available boasting
several new features that expand the collaborative software development

SFEE should not, however, be confused with Though both are
owned by VA Software , stands alone as the world’s largest repository of open source software development, and SFEE is a closed source proprietary application.

SFEE 4.3 is the second major update to the platform since the 4.1 release, which, as with all members of the 4.x branch, is proprietary and
based on J2EE architecture and includes a service oriented architecture
with an open API and SDK .

Among the enhancements in SFEE 4.3 is an integrated wiki application that
will enable users to manage and capture project documentation. Tracker
workflow and Tracker e-mail integration are also part of the new release, as
is the ability to create site-wide linked applications.

VA Software spokesperson Krishnan Natarajan explained that customers have
asked for a single integrated development framework.

“They prefer to avoid using disparate tools, which have overhead costs of
management and administration,” Natarajan said, adding that end users aren’t concerned that SFEE is not open source.

“The new wiki and workflow
applications are closely integrated to the SFEE framework, providing
enhanced collaborative development capabilities without additional
management overhead.”

Furthermore, Natarajan doesn’t necessarily consider alternative open source management applications competition to SFEE, but rather as complements.

The last open source version of SFEE actually spawned Gforge, one of its competitors. It’s still available as an open source license application.

Natarajan said VA Software is aware of Gforge, but it has not
become a competitive factor for its enterprise customers.

SFEE 4.3 is available as both an enterprise installable application, as well
as an on-demand hosted solution from VA Software.

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