SpringSource Adds VMware to Tomcat

Apache’s Tomcat Java application server has been giving a significant upgrade in its second major release, the inclusion of support for VMware and virtual servers tc Server 2.0 has a lot of other features, as Developer.com points out.

VMware’s SpringSource division this week announced the release of its tc Server 2.0 platform, providing a commercially supported version of the open source Apache Tomcat server for enterprise users.

As part of the tc Server 2.0 release, SpringSource is also expanding the platform with a new Spring version, offering tc Server users the ability to run Spring Java applications.

The new Spring edition of tc Server 2.0 also provides expanded integration with virtualization technologies from VMware (NYSE: VMW), enabling developers to deploy apps to both real and virtual environments. With tc Server 2.0, SpringSource is aiming help both developers and server operators get the best performance out of their Java applications.

“This really culminates our strategy when we launched the product last May to really provide a solid developer edition and a platform that the application operators can use so they can ensure that applications meet their business goals,” Shaun Connolly, vice president of product management at SpringSource, told InternetNews.com.

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SpringSource tc Server 2.0 Adds VMware Virtualization to Commercial Tomcat

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