Sprint Commits to Java for 3G

U.S. wireless operator Sprint PCS Tuesday said it was committed to fostering Java applications when it launches its third-generation (3G) network nationwide next year.

Specifically, the operator said it would deploy Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) on its phones when it launches its 3G network throughout the U.S. It previously said it will start rolling out the network at the end of this year in selected markets with a nationwide roll-out in the middle of 2002.

The company said it is throwing its support to Java because it simplifies updating of applications on mobile phones and it provides more graphically-focused interactive wireless services. Virtually all device and device platform vendors except Microsoft also have committed to Java for wireless applications and devices.

J2ME will be a focus of the company’s Sprint PCS Application Developer’s Program and at its developer’s conference in October. The company said it also will sponsor a Java-focused application design contest for developers.

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