StarBase Releases StarTeam 4.0, StarTeam Enterprise Suite

StarBase Corp. this week released version 4.0 of StarTeam and the StarTeam Enterprise Suite.

StarTeam Enterprise Suite provides developers with a unique, integrated set of customizable components, task driven process management, integration with Microsoft Project and StarDisk, a Windows Explorer-style client interface.

According to StarBase, the two products provide “enhanced enterprise team productivity” which reduces the development time and cost of application projects while at the same time improves the quality and control of these applications.

StarTeam enables remote developers to manage and collaborate on enterprise-wide applications and provides access to projects through a standard Web browser. Features of StarTeam 4.0 include:

  • Promotional Model – enables users to define promotional states and migrate application configurations from one stage to the other through the use of views and view labels
  • Virtual Meeting – extends the collaboration functionality of StarTeam to include a “transparent interface” to Microsoft NetMeeting

This release of StarTeam Enterprise Suite features:

  • A task management component which provides the ability to implement process management without compromising productivity
  • Microsoft project integration which seamlessly integrates the product with Microsoft Project allowing project managers to automatically obtain project status and updates via repository synchronization
  • Repository customization which enables technical organizations to configure StarTeam to suit their internal software configuration management system and existing processes
  • StarDisk features a Windows Explorer client interface and provides transparent access to many of the benefits of StarTeam

StarTeam 4.0 is available now, with pricing starting at $699 per seat. StarTeam Enterprise Suite includes StarTeam 4.0 and four productivity components and retails for $1,299 per seat and $4,499 for the server.

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