Sun, IBM Set to Collaborate on Java Software

Sun Microsystems and IBM this week will finalize plans for JavaOS for Business, a Java operating system for network computers (NCs).

The OS will be developed and marketed by both companies and is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 1998.

JavaOS for Business will initially be used in IBM’s Network Station network computer in the first quarter of 1999, and eventually Sun will switch to the new JavaOS for its JavaStation product.

Other industry players including Oracle, Informix, Netscape Communications, Sony, and Toshiba, are also expected to announce support for the OS.

Those who attended the Java One conference last week in San Francisco were treated to a preview of the Java OS for Consumers which is designed to operate in consumer hardware such as set-top boxes, cell phones, and home entertainment devices.

The JavaOS for Consumers is a scalable, configurable, minimal memory-using version of the Personal Java OS which was recently released.

For additional information on the partnership, IBM’s Network Station, Personal Java, or the new Java OS for Consumers, visit the Sun and IBM Web sites.

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