Sun Joins VRML Consortium

The VRML Consortium and Sun Microsystems announced today that Sun is now a voting member of the VRML Consortium.

Primarily, Sun joined the VRML Consortium to promote the compatibility and
interoperability of its Java 3D API technology and the VRML 97 standard.

Sun plans to work with the VRML Consortium to establish a Consortium
working group that will explore the integration of Java 3D and VRML. Additionally, Sun is considering adaptations of the Java 3D spec which will enable a closer integration with VRML.

Currently, the Java 3D API is being used to develop applications and
applets which model, animate, simulate, and view 3D content. Using the Java
3D API, VRML development programs and viewers may be easily created. VRML
is the perfect tool for encapsulating the 3D content that has been
developed using modeling and animation authoring software.

Demonstrating its commitment to VRML, Sun is working to provide developers with a Java-based VRML 97 “time-zero” geometry loader, along with a VRML browser. These tools will be an integral part of the utility library scheduled for release after the Java 3D API V1.0 Sample Implementation debuts. Sun expects a beta version of the Sample Implementation to become available within the next 60 days.

For more information on the VRML Consortium or the 3D API and VRML 97
standard, visit the VRML Consortium Web site.

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