Sun’s Java Embedded Server to Enhance Jini Deployment

Sun Microsystems, Inc. Monday announced the features of the next version of Java Embedded Server, Sun’s small footprint “thin” server. The upcoming release of the Java Embedded Server will comply with the Open Services Gateway 1.0 specification and will include support for Jini Technology.

The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGI) specification will be created using the architecture of Java Embedded Server 1.0. Companies that are already using the current version of Java Embedded Server will be able to get a head start on the development of service gateways and thin servers.

A future release of Java Embedded Server will also include a Jini look-up and registry service component that is code-named “Project Aladdin.” This lookup service will allow service providers to utilize Jini’s “Simply Connect” functionality in homes, offices and intermittently connected environments.

According to Sun, the next major release of the Java Embedded Server will support Sun’s Jini technology. Jini technology allows any device to be a “member” of a network regardless of the product’s underlying software or hardware. Since Jini technology is Java-based and platform-independent, devices are “not limited by software, processors, device drivers or networking protocols.”

The Jini lookup and registry service will enable devices and services to automatically register on a network, and they will instantly become available as a pluggable component for the Java Embedded Server. This will enable the use of Jini networks anywhere there is a Java Embedded Server in use.

An “early access” release of Java Embedded Server with Jini support will be available at the upcoming JavaOne Conference in San Francisco. For additional information about the Java Embedded Server software, visit the Java Embedded Server Web site.

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