Sybase Debuts Code Sharing Forum

Database software firm Sybase Tuesday launched a new online forum for its developers to share information about its products.

Dubbed, CodeXchange, the site lets developers, customers and partners share code samples, collaborate on open source projects, and participate in community discussions.

Membership is free and provides access to these and other benefits such as advanced white papers, audio technical recordings from Sybase engineers, and bug fixes and product updates.

“The introduction of CodeXchange establishes SDN as a truly interactive community,” Sybase senior vice president Marty Beard said in a statement. “This effort reinforces Sybase’s commitment to its developer community by offering a wide-range of free, easy-to-use tools and services. By enabling developers to share their expertise and ideas with the community at large, we expect CodeXchange to lead to new and innovative solutions based on Sybase technology.”

Based on the CollabNet SourceCast environment, Dublin, Calif.-based
Sybase said its PowerBuilder 9.0 users can use CodeXchange to share PowerBuilder Native Interface (PBNI) files that extend the functionality of PowerBuilder.

The company said its CodeXchange will also host a Sybase Enterprise Portal portlet catalog, which lets users upload and download portlets to “portal enable” applications. In addition, the venue incorporates a Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) to enable joint development on utilities or other tools submitted by the community. Sybase said the site is also a good resource for mailing lists and developer news.

Sybase products represented on CodeXchange, include its Adaptive Server Enterprise, Replication Server, PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner, EAServer, Enterprise Portal, and Sybase Open Source for ebXML messaging.

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