Symantec Announces VisualCafe 4

Symantec Corp. this week
announced the release of its VisualCafe 4 development environment for Java.

VisualCafe provides developers with an adaptable, integrated application
environment, and combines a
core Java development environment with many best-of-breed offerings from
partners including BEA Systems, IONA, Oracle and PointBase.

VisualCafe 4 impliments the new Java 2 platform standards from Sun Microsystems, including multi-server
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) support, Java ServerPages (JSP), servlets,
CORBA, multi-tier distributed debugging and other Java technologies.

Symantec has tightly integrated the following vendors’ solutions with
VisualCafe Enterprise Edition:

  • BEA Systems – Enterprise JavaBean integration with BEA WebLogic
    Application Server enables developers to more easily develop, debug, and
    deploy EJBs
  • IONA – Developers can extend their VisualCafe-built applications across
    the enterprise, leveraging IONA’s Orbix enterprise middleware product family.
  • Oracle – Integration with Oracle 8i provides developers with the
    ability to develop applications using this industry leading database.
  • PointBase – PointBase Mobile Edition provides a robust 100% Pure Java
    database that supports key industry standards, including Java, SQL-92 and
    SQL-99, JDBC and XML.

Every version of VisualCafe 4, including the Standard, Expert and
Enterprise edition, include the Lightning JIT 4 compiler, which provides
what Symantec is billing as “the industry’s fastest Java 2 execution.”

VisualCafe 4 Expert Edition was designed with the professional Java
developer in mind. It supports the new Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE)
platform and allows users to quickly configure the environment to edit,
compile and debug for Java 2 or JDK 1.1. The Expert Edition also features a
“best-in-class” visual debugger with full expression evaluation
capabilities, conditional breakpoints and incremental debugging.

VisualCafe 4 Enterprise Edition (, available in the first quarter of 2000)
was designed for developers that are involved with serious server-side,
multi-tier Java development.
VisualCafe Enterprise Edition supports Java ServerPages, and includes an
integrated visual JSP editor that supports a drag-and-drop WYSYWIG
environment and a JSP source editor with syntax highlighting, checking and
suggestions for Java, HTML and XML.

VisualCafe Standard Edition and VisualCafe Expert Edition are available now
for the retail price of $99.95 and $799.95, respectively.

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