Symantec Says JIT Compiler 3.0 Outpaces Competition

Symantec Corporation, today
announced the release of Version 3 of its Just in Time (JIT) Java compiler.

Symantec released test scores showing that its JIT outperforms all the
other JITs available today, and is over 50% faster than Microsoft’s
Internet Explorer 4.0 JIT.

A JIT compiler is one of the fundamental components of the Java Virtual
Machine (JVM). It increases the execution speed of Java applets and
applications by converting Java bytecode into native code on the fly,
eliminating the need to be interpreted as bytecode by the JVM.

Symantec’s JIT is part of the Visual Café for Java product line, Sun’s Java
Performance Runtime for Windows, and Netscape’s Communicator.

The 3.0 JIT was tested using the industry’s critically accepted
benchmarking tests. Symantec tested the new JIT on a 120MHz Pentium with
32MB of RAM, where it posted an overall Caffeinemark score of 1,676.

Symantec’s earlier version had tested at 993, and Microsoft IE4’s JIT only
scored 1,085. The jBTYEMARK index was 10.03 for the new JIT, whereas
Symantec’s earlier version scored 7.05, and Microsoft’s IE4 JIT scored 7.87.

The new 3.0 JIT is now available as an integral part of Symantec’s Visual
Café for Java. Current 2.1 customers may download a free upgrade from the
Symantec Web site. For more information about the new JIT or Symantec’s
Visual Café line, visit the Symantec

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