Synkronix and MicroEdge Partnership Enhances Cobol to Java Cross-Compiler

MicroEdge, Inc. and Synkronix, Inc. this week announced an OEM agreement under which Synkronix will distribute MicroEdge’s programmer’s editor, Visual SlickEdit, within its new PERCobol tool.

PERCobol, scheduled to begin shipping mid-March, is a compiler that
generates 100% pure Java programs from ANSI COBOL-85 source code. The Java
source which is generated from PERCobol can be compiled by Sun’s JDK or any
other JDK1.1+ compatible Java development environment.

According to the terms of the new OEM agreement, Synkronix will use Visual SlickEdit as the graphical user interface for PERCobol. The new tool will retain all of Visual SlickEdit’s editing features, while gaining many
of the features of PERCobol.

For additional information about PERCobol, visit the Synkronix Web site or
send e-mail to [email protected]. To find out more about Visual SlickEdit, visit the MicroEdge Web site or call 800-934-EDIT.

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