T.A.G. To Support QuickTime 3

Digital Renaissance this week announced that its “medialinking solution” known as T.A.G. will include support for Apple Computer’s QuickTime 3.

By providing support for QuickTime 3, developers will be able to add significant interactivity to QuickTime movies.

QuickTime enables end-users to play and edit digital video along with other types of media on their computer. QuickTime technology is one of the leading technologies used for the Internet video and CD-ROM multimedia markets.

Digital Renaissance’ T.A.G. is a timeline-editing interface that will provide a simple method of accessing QuickTime 3 functionality. By using T.A.G., developers can create Movie Chapters, add frame-specific hotspots, captions and marquees, and add context sensitive notification buttons.

T.A.G. can also be utilized to develop a “presentation” by importing a series of graphic images, adding interactivity, synchronizing the images to an audio track, setting compression options and publishing them as a QuickTime movie, which can then be used on the Web. This type of technology is well suited for catalog applications or delivering long distance training.

T.A.G. for QuickTime 3 (for Macs) will be available in Q3 of 1998, and will retail for $399. Digital Renaissance’ beta program starts immediately. To inquire, send an e-mail to [email protected].

For additional information about T.A.G., visit the Digital Renaissance Web site. To find out more about the Apple QuickTime 3 format, visit the Apple QuickTime Web site.

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