Tango Enterprise Version 3.5 Released

Development Inc.
today announced it upgraded its Tango Enterprise and
that Version 3.5 will include 11 new features such as group collaboration
functionality with full source code control.

Other Tango Enterprise Version 3.5 upgrades include:

  • Array Meta-tags which sort, filter, perform intersections, unions and
    distinct processing, and add and delete discrete rows.

  • HTML syntax coloring which differentiates between Tango meta-tags,
    HTML tags, and content.

  • Project enhancements that allow sub-folders to be created, which
    means developers can break their solutions into components and
    nest them.

  • Source-code control menu commands to check Tango Application
    Files in and out of developer’s source-code control software.

  • An E-Commerce Template which acts as a jump-start for creating
    Tango-driven online shopping solutions.

  • A series of Tango Application Files that enable developers to scale
    their solutions from one Application Server to multiple Application Servers.

  • NSAPI Plug-in for Solaris.

  • Database joins which can be separately specified for the Results
    List page and the Detail page of Tango Builders.
  • Numerous keyboard shortcuts for increased production speed.

  • A new server manager button on the Taskbar for simple Windows-like
    control of the server on Windows 95/98.

Tango Enterprise Version 3.5 features source-code control menu commands
which enables developers to check Tango Application Files in and out, using
any of the major source-code control systems that are available. The
project files are stored on a source-code server as developers check files
in and out while working locally. This gives them greater control over
large scale Web application development projects.

Another upgrade is Tango Enterprise Development Studio’s ability to display
HTML using customizable colors, depending on the category of HTML. Tango
Enterprise Development Studio’s categories include Tango Meta Tags,
standard HTML tags, and content.

Tango Enterprise Development Studio 3.5 is available now as a boxed upgrade
for a retail price of $99. A demo of the product is also available for
download from the EveryWare Web site.

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