Tashcom Software Announces ASPEdit 2000

Tashcom Software this week released
ASPEdit 2000, an Active Server Pages, Script and HTML-capable editor that
features full support for all of the popular scripting languages.
Additionally, HDML and WML are included to support WAP developers.

ASPEdit’s code highlighter provide developers with a clear view of their
code, and features color syntax highlighting for HTML, ASP, VBScript and
other scripts so developers can quickly and easily see what is code and
what is just text. Other features include link and document validation, the
ability to open files directly from the Internet, an ADO connection wizard
and an SQL Query wizard, along with:

  • Direct editing of ASP properties on web server
  • Smart insert support for Perl
  • HTML file compressor
  • Gif file optimizer
  • Meta tag generator wizard
  • Perl command wizards
  • Full! JavaScript support

Additionally, ASPEdit supports WebTV tags, Cold Fusion and common SQL
commands, and the product is able to generate SQL functions through the use
of an SQL query builder. ASPEdit was designed for both the beginning Web
developer and the Web professional.

This release of ASPEdit supports Microsoft Windows95, Windows98, WindowsNT
and Win2000. ASPEdit 2000 currently retails for $50 per single user
license (downloaded from the Web) or $75 for the CD-ROM version. Site and
educational licenses are also available.

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