Tenon, Aestiva Announce Development Tools For Mac

Tenon and Aestiva Friday released Aestiva’s HTML/OS, software for developing dynamic Web sites on the Mac OS and Mac OS X Server. HTML/OS supports WebTen on Mac OS and WebTen or Apache on OS X Server.

HTML/OS is an extension to standard HTML which enables developers to do on-the-fly word-processing, spreadsheet, database and programming operations within an HTML document. The utility can be used with standard HTML editors and is said to be easier to learn than other programming languages such as Perl. English-like HTML/OS syntax can be included in documents to perform a wide range of tasks in the same manner that Javascripts are placed in documents.

HTML/OS features a built-in database and ships with a suite of tools, such as a contact management application, file manager, and includes hundreds of sample dynamic Web pages, complete shopping carts and Web-based chat and discussion forums.

WebTen is a point and click Apache-based Web server for the Mac OS Web server that sustains over 1000 connections per second. WebTen supports Apache modules as well as Macintosh-style plug-ins, pure Perl CGI scripts as well as MacPerl.

Aestiva’s HTML/OS for Mac OS and OS X Server sells for a retail price of $799. WebTen for the Mac OS sells for $495 and an introductory price of $299 for the OS X Server.

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