THOUGHT Inc. Announces Mapping Middleware

THOUGHT Inc.‘s recently launched new product, CocoBase Enterprise O/R, has the ability to make Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) Servers perform up to 400 percent faster than servers using hand coded JDBC.

CocoBase Enterprise O/R utilizes mapping technology which simplifies the persistence of the Relational data in any EJB application. This new product, when combined with an EJB Server, is a compelling platform for the creation of high performance e-commerce solutions. THOUGHT Inc. reports that several customers in the finance, education, and government industries are already using these advances in the EJB Server market.

CocoBase Enterprise O/R gives developers “simple-to-use” Bean Managed Persistence for their Entity Beans and Session Beans by providing full support for EJB 1.0 and 1.1. Additionally, the tool generates all of the Entity bean code required for the popular EJB Servers through the use of its optimized templates.

CocoBase also brings “fine grained” object to relational mapping that fulfills the requirements of Enterprise systems. This allows the developer consistent, high end database access through any standard EJB Server, along with the ability to manage complex relationships between Entity beans and Non-Entity beans–and the tool provides complete access to any standard relational database.

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