Tripod Offers Custom Infomation Feeds for Personal Homepages

In an attempt to augment its members’ homepages into “personal information centers,” Tripod Tuesday began offering Info Flashes to its users.

With Info Flashes, users can post news, stocks, sports,
weather and horoscopes on their homepages at no charge, the company said.
More topics will be offered soon.

Customization is a feature offered by many online communities. Portals like
Yahoo! and Excite, as well as industry specific sites
like E*Trade are offering personalized
content and start pages.

Other homepage building sites like GeoCities and allow members to customize
their homepages, but Scott Walker, Tripod’s vice president of marketing,
said Info Flashes is the first service to offer real-time news and
information to a user’s site.

“Tripod’s new dynamic Info Flashes is the first such service that gives
homepage builders the flexibility to choose, personalize and publish news and content in a homepage they design themselves,” he said.

“Info Flashes add a new dimension to personal homepage building by
integrating the content more deeply into the daily lives of users.”

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