Unix and Web Server for Power Macs Faster, Cheaper

Tenon Intersystems is now shipping Power MachTen 4.1.1, a POSIX-compliant, BSD 4.4 UNIX, with a Mach kernel foundation, that operates in concert with the Macintosh Operating System.

The new Power MachTen 4.1.1 release includes updated software development tools, enhanced performance and security, and a dramatic price reduction.

MachTen is a multiuser system with remote login capabilities that supports SUN’s Network Information Service (NIS+), includes standard UNIX filesharing (NFS), a full complement of UNIX networking services (Apache Web service, DNS bind, FTP service, mail and POP mail), a suite of popular scripting tools (Perl, tcl/tk, MacPerl), popular editors (vi, emacs, BBEdit Lite, Alpha), and hundreds of standard UNIX applications and utilities, including secure shell.

For more information, see the Tenon Intersystems Web site.

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