Virtual Mechanics Releases Web Dwarf

Virtual Mechanics this week released its “IMS Web Dwarf,” its free drag and drop HTML
authoring solution for the quick creation of HTML Web pages.

“IMS (Interactive Multimedia Systems) Web Dwarf” was designed to be the
ideal tool for users intent on creating their first Web site. The program’s
Drag-n-Drop WYSIWYG interface enables Web pages to be created in minutes
without the need to learn HTML, DHTML, Java, Javascript or any other
Web-oriented languages.

The tool’s WYSIWYG interface features pixel precision positioning and
scaling. Web Dwarf include a text, HTML and Rich Text editor that supports
conversion between these formats along with the ability to import and
export these formats from other editors, including MS Word. HTML can be
importedand edited without worrying that it will be modified by the program.

Additionally, Web Dwarf supports the importing and exporting of several
graphic formats including GIF, JPEG and BMP. Web Dwarf’s FTP Publisher will
export the finished HTML file directly to the user’s Web server. Its
“Gather” option will also gather and FTP all referenced image files. Other
features include alignment operations and a Snap-Grid which provides the
tool’s pixel precision layout.

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