Vyou.com Delivers Streaming DRM

Vyou.com Inc. Tuesday announced a streaming media protection solution by which Flash, QuickTime, Real Media and Windows Media streaming content can be protected as they are delivered to a browser.

The product prevents screen and media capture utilities from copying valuable content. Vyoufirst allows publishers to broadcast live and previously recorded content such as sporting events, animations, movies and news broadcasts.

“Streaming content is estimated to become a $2-3 billion business in the next year. The ability to show unique and original streaming content without fear of misappropriation is a huge competitive advantage for publishers,” said Peter Levy, chief executive officer of Vyou.com.

“Business models such as content licensing or selling streaming content to end-users require solutions like Vyoufirst that protect digital assets.”

“Businesses such as ours are based on streaming media,” said Lester Wintz, chief executive officer of Recruitsearch.com, an athlete scouting service. “Vyoufirst’s ability to maintain control of streaming content is a critical component to the increased use of and success of businesses using streaming media.”

Free Vyoufirst evaluation versions are available now from Vyou.com’s Web site. Vyoufirst is also available for purchase starting at $199 for a single server Web site.

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