Watchfire Releases Linkbot Pro 5.0

Watchfire Friday released Linkbot Pro 5.0 which enables Web site
administrators to ensure reliability and integrity for sites.

Linkbot Pro 5.0 enables Web site administrators to maintain optimum levels of
reliability and integrity for their sites by testing, editing and
broken links, problematic syntax and performance issues.

Besides Linkbot Pro’s enhanced features, functionality, and usability, this
release also has eight new features that Watchfire believes will
allow them to maintain their position in the Web-testing market.

  • Interactive 3D Density Site Maps – allows users to assess the structure
    and density of a web site, or portions of it, facilitate planning and
    visualize the location of errors, pages missing titles and new content
  • Parse Flash Files – supports the latest file formats, ensuring all
    sections of
    a Web site are checked
  • Scan and Recognize Sites that use Lotus Notes/Domino – enables
    companies that use Lotus Notes/Domino to ensure the quality of their site
  • Supports Customized 404 Files – ensures that all broken links are found
    and enables
    users to determine the error messages that will appear
  • Search And Replace – correct errors with minimal down time by changing
    broken links once and replacing all related links
  • Scan Rules – enables users to check for specific links or text that
    are required to appear on each page
  • Editor Report – enables users of HTML editors to launch Linkbot Pro to
    check a page or site and generate one comprehensive report
  • Recommendations Report – provides non-technical explanations of the
    impact of specific errors found on your site

Linkbot Pro 5.0 is available for a retail price of $395, with multi-user
pricing available.

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