Web Site Update Tool Released

RAMWORKS today announced the full release of AdmiNet 3.0, which gives organizations an easy-to-operate tool to change and update content on their Web sites, including text and graphics, from any networked personal computer.

The introduction of AdmiNet allows an organization’s “Subject Matter Experts,” or SMEs, to directly edit the web site content right from their desktop in a secure, authenticated environment. No programming or other specialized computer experience is needed, eliminating the need to outsource the function. All of the work can be done from a desktop computer with a common Web Browser. An integrated help system prompts users along the path, from data entry to publishing.

The AdmiNet system can either be built into the production of a new Web
site, or it can be retrofitted to an existing site with no downtime. The
program’s component-based architecture can also be customized to match the
specific Web site needs of a client.

AdmiNet is written entirely in the JAVA programming language and
recently received the 100% Pure Java Certification from Sun Microsystems,
assuring customers that the program is truly platform independent.

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