WebCriteria Launches Site Behavior Agent

WebCriteria Inc. Wednesday unveiled its
next-generation SiteProfile service.

At SiteProfile’s core is “Max,” an
intelligent browsing agent that simulates a typical user, and how they see,
think and move through a Web site. Max is able to determine how fast and
easy it is for visitors to navigate through a Web site and find desired
content or products. This facilitates the improved retention of first time
visitors and higher click-to-close sales ratios.

WebCriteria also announced its Visitor Satisfaction Profile (VSP), a
Web-based survey that provides real-time feedback on customer satisfaction,
along with SiteAdvisory Services, which offers detailed usability analysis
of report findings. The combination of Max’s objective measurements with
direct customer feedback and expert advisors provides a standard for
measuring the usability of Web sites.

Enhanced SiteProfile reports are delivered via the Web, enabling
click-throughs from high-level summaries to detailed data on site
usability. The report focuses on the factors that are most responsible for
driving repeat visitors–speed, ease of navigation and content. The
enhanced SiteProfile report enables e-business managers to obtain an
“aerial view” of site usability and competitive ranking, and developers are
able to drill-down to URL-by-URL analysis. The new report also identifies
pages that may be slowing access to subordinate pages, providing root-cause
analysis of site usability issues.

Fees for WebCriteria’s SiteProfile annual subscription services range from
$4,000 to $20,000, while Visitor Satisfaction Profile annual subscription
packages start at $14,500.

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