WebCriteria Service Provides Site Comparisons, Benchmarks

WebCriteria Inc. this week announced SiteProfile, the first automated service for comparing the performance of Web sites from an end-user perspective.

SiteProfile measures and benchmarks a site’s effectiveness using objective, repeatable “user-focused metrics.” SiteProfile makes the evaluation by measuring speed, ease of navigation, “freshness” and composition. The service compares the results to those from competitive Web sites and benchmarks included in WebCriteria’s Industry Benchmark Database.

SiteProfile provides developers with data which helps them to determine how to enhance the user’s experience and improve the functionality of the site. According to Forrester Research, the majority of Web sites fail usability tests and the negative user experience has serious business ramifications. Ease of use has the potential to provide significant competitive advantages. SiteProfile provides an automated, objective way to test and compare site performance from the user’s perspective.

SiteProfile utilizes a spider to visit specified sites to collect and gather information, then the Max Engine reconstructs the data into models, analyzes the models, and generates a report. The 15-page SiteProfile Report compares three selected sites along with an industry benchmark. WebCriteria’s Industry Benchmark Database contains benchmarks for over 20 industry segments, from automotive to games to hospitality to investing, with new segments continually being added.

There are three SiteProfile packages available, including SiteProfile Report, a single report for $495, the QuadPac, a total of four reports within a 12-month period for $1195, and the MasterPac, a total of 10 reports over a year for $1950.

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