Websidestory Announces Independent Webmaster Community

WebSideStory, Inc. Friday announced
the debut of HitBOX.com, which it bills as the industry’s first independent Webmaster community.

HitBOX.com features more than 280,000 independent Web site members, with all of them using HitBOX Tracker, WebSideStory’s free Web traffic analysis tool. HitBOX Tracker
provides data that enables developers to enhance and improve their site design and make informed marketing decisions. The tool features more than 125 real-time statistics, is Web-based and doesn’t require the use of server resources.

HitBOX.com ranks its members’ sites based on the number of each site’s daily visitors. This makes the site popular to end-users looking for new and interesting sites as well as the thousands of Webmaster-members that regularly visit the site to check their site’s statistics.

If you’d like your site to be a part of the HitBOX.com community, visit the HitBOX.com membership area. Joining the HitBOX.com community involves filling out a short form, receiving the HitBOX Tracker code and placing it on a Web page. The HitBOX Tracker then begins analyzing traffic and your site is listed at

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