Webteacher Updates Webdata

Webteacher Software has released a new version of Webteacher’s Webdata, a customizable, non-technical database solution for the Internet.

Webteacher has added full customization features and HTML templates to enable non-programmers to “remain competitive with the corporate megasites.”

By using a simple Web browser interface, users work their way through Webdata’s on-screen instructions to create complex, individualized databases. Webdata’s
advanced features usually require CGI programming in other databases, and these are now executed automatically by the program. Webteacher guarantees that users will not need programming experience to integrate this database into their Web sites.

Webdata features a wide range of customization options, from adjusting colors, fonts, table borders and shading options, to customizing multiple level sorting, creating header or footer text and images, to setting the number of results listed per page. Users can choose different types of fields, including pop-up lists, check boxes, or large comment areas, and they can set the order in which the fields are searched and viewed.

Webdata’s “automatic installer” eliminates the need for file configuration, eliminating the need to be acquainted with the typical database set-up terminology of syntax, paths and chmod privileges.

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