WebXi Unveils Suite

WebXi Inc. Thursday unveiled its Symmetry Xchange integration suite.

SymmetryXi, a B2B integration solution that
integrates corporate data sources and legacy systems using a scaleable,
flexible open standards architecture.

SymmetryXi is billed as “an ideal solution for portals and application
server vendors,” and as such, provides commercial-grade XML messaging for
the emerging XML-based e-markets and trading exchanges. WebXi believes that
OEMs using SymmetryXi are able to gain significant time-to-market benefits
for their XML-based applications.

SymmetryXi enables companies to seamlessly integrate the business processes
of their customers, suppliers and distributors, at the same time reducing
development and implementation costs and decreasing the time-to-market for
their products and services.

Bill Sullivan, president and co-founder of WebXi, Inc., believes that his
company’s approach to XML messaging has several advantages over others.

“Our component-based architectural approach…allows individual
components to be used in a modular fashion so that OEMs can choose from a
variety of functions.” The product is also extensible, he continues, saying
that it “allows new standards to be quickly and easily incorporated into
existing products, eliminating the need for `forklift upgrades’ as XML
standards continue to evolve. This allows companies to confidently deploy
XML systems, knowing that future innovations have been provisioned.”

The product is actually a Java-based solution that utilizes XML technology
as a backbone for the deliver of a scaleable B2B integration solution.
SymmetryXi provides developers with a flexible architecture that uses XML
adapters, and additionally provides a software development kit for the
creation of custom XML adapters which allow for the integration of in-house
systems and the incorporation of emerging standards.

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