Western Civilisation Debuts Style Master 1.3

Western Civilisation Tuesday released Style Master 1.3. This release of the style sheet editor has
changed its appearance to make the tool more intuitive and productive.

New features of Style Master include a context sensitive “Style Sheets Assistant” that helps new users and developers get started immediately. Style Master also features support for all the major browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.

Style Master enables developers to:

  • Create and edit sophisticated style sheets using simple point and click methods.
  • Target the browsers for particular style sheets,with warnings about particular properties or selectors which may cause problems.
  • Preview style sheets, as they work on them, using any HTML documents,
    in as many browsers as necessary.
  • Quickly and easily utilize a particular style sheet with a whole site by
    linking from or embedding it in the HTML documents.

Additionally, Style Master presents integrated style sheet advice to lessen the
learning curve for beginning developers. Style Master ships with a style sheets reference and guide, and a hands-on tutorial to get developers up to speed.

For more information about Style Master, or to download a demo, visit Western Civilisation’s Style Master Web site.

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