What Happened to Mozilla Ubiquity?

One of the more anticipating projects coming out of Mozilla Labs has been put on hold. Mozilla Ubiquity has taken a backseat to the group’s work on Jetpack, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a dead letter.

Linux Planet gets an update from the lead developer and hears what the future likely holds for Ubiquity.

Back in the summer of 2008, Mozilla began development of an experimental add-on called Ubiquity, providing new command mash-up capabilities for the Firefox browser. After just over a year of development, Mozilla is now pulling back on the effort, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been successful.

The current release of Ubiquity is version, and was released on January 20th of this year. To date, Ubiquity has garnered more than 420,000 downloads, according to the Mozilla add-ons site. So what is happening with Ubiquity now?

“Ubiquity is currently on the back burner, with the core Ubiquity people now working on Jetpack (myself and Atul Varma) and Test Pilot (Jono Xia),” Mozilla developer Aza Raskin told InternetNews.com.

Jetpack is Mozilla’s next generation add-ons platform that enables users to load in extensions without a browser restart. While Ubiquity is taking a backseat at Mozilla these days, that doesn’t mean that the project isn’t going to benefit from improvements made to Jetpack.

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