Wily Clinton Worm Wriggles Free

Virus protection software firm Central Command warned of a new celebrity worm making the rounds on the Internet Friday. But it’s not
another internationally known tennis player like Anna
Nor is it a pop singer a la Jennifer Lopez or Britney Spears. This time, former President Bill Clinton has been
poked fun at.

The Medina, Ohio firm said the medium-risk Worm/MyLife.B is an Internet worm that spreads through e-mail by using addresses it
collects in the Microsoft Corp. Outlook Address Book and attempts to delete local files along the way.

The worm arrives through e-mail as such:

Subject: my life ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Body:
  • Hiiiii
  • How are youuuuuuuu?
  • look to the bill caricature vvvery verrrry ffffunny 🙂 🙂
  • i promise you will love it? ok
  • buy

Attachment: cari.scr

If this attachment is executed, a cartoon image of Bill Clinton pops up, which you can view here along with
complete technical details. In the meantime, it copies itself in the windows%system% directory under the filename “cari.scr.” It
gets run each time a user restarts his or her computer and a following registry key gets added, which attempts to delete files on
local fixed disks.

Central Command Product Manager Steve Sundermeier said the worm is another example of a perpetrator trying to dupe e-mailers by
trading off of celebrity names.

It could be effective if people aren’t aware of it, as Sundermeier noted: “Worm/MyLife.B disguises itself as a legitimate

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