Wind River Unfurls Features

Wind River this week announced a slew of product improvements across its lineup and introduced a Linux platform to support developers.

VxWorks 6.1 is the newest version of Wind River’s real-time operating system for device software optimization. The company expanded the processor support in VxWorks 6.1 to include ARM, xScale and SuperH processor architectures in addition to existing support for MIPS, PPC and Intel Architectures.

The OS also includes IPv6 compatibility and contains a dual-mode IPv4/v6 mode network stack that carries the IPv6 Ready

Phase II Logo Certification. A Transparent Interprocess Communication

(TIPC) implementation enables VxWorks 6.1 to transparently interoperate and

communicate in heterogeneous operating environments.

Wind River Workbench has also been expanded to support ThreadX, Red Hat Linux,

MontaVista Linux and 2.6 Linux in addition to its existing support for Wind River Linux and VxWorks. The Eclipse-based IDE also includes dynamic visual debugging and validation


In all, Wind River offers four configurations of

Workbench. In addition to the complete version, which the company said grants developers access to the full range of capabilities required for hardware bring-up, platform and system software development, kernel-level development and application-level development, Wind River offers the Workbench Application Edition, Desktop Edition, and On-Chip Debugging Edition.

It was only last November that Wind River entered the Linux space with the announcement of Wind River Platform for Network

Equipment, Linux Edition.

By February, the company claimed success with the platform and are now adding a new version of Wind

River General Purpose Platform, Linux Edition, as well as updating the

Network Equipment version.

The difference between the two offerings is that

the Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Equipment product provides

Carrier-Grade Linux support and ATCA board support. Both versions are based

on the 2.6.10 Linux kernel and include Workbench 2.3 development suite


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