XMLSolutions Corp. Releases Schema Central

XMLSolutions Corp. this
week unveiled Schema Central 1.0, a product designed to enable enterprises
to dynamically access XML Schemas and DTDs, the information models for XML

XMLSolutions develops strategic business-to-business, XML-based products
and services.

Schema Central aims to decrease redundant development efforts and speed
the time required to implement XML-based systems by providing a centralized
management facility for everything related to XML.

Schema Central facilitates XML implementations by simplifying the set up
required for XML interchange with trading partners. Businesses can access
and organize countless DTDs and XML schemas, which are then modified and
tracked as business rules change. The product provides a central reference
point, enabling organizations to easily reuse existing document designs, and
it reduces the number of redundant schemas.

As the number of XML standards, such as RosettaNet, xCBL, FpML, cXML,
FIXML, ebXML and Microsoft BizTalk increase, enterprises require a mechanism
for managing the various standards in use along with their own internal
standards. Schema Central delivers a mechanism for managing XML dialects
and creating relationships between them to facilitate the electronic
transfer of information over the Internet using XML.

Schema Central’s three key features, according to a release issued by
XMLSolutions, are:

  • A reduced XML implementation time frame due to Schema Central’s facility
    for re-using existing DTDs and Schemas, and the capability to deliver
    Internet access to that information
  • Universal translation between XML dialects through a mechanism that
    links various industry XML standards to corporate XML standards and other
    industry standards, thus keeping companies from being tied down to one
    particular XML dialect
  • DTDs and XML Schemas are placed in a central storage point, and users
    have dynamic access to them through the use of simple URLs

Schema Central’s server-based pricing starts at $25,000.

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