Zend Ramping Up PHP in the Cloud

Zend has big designs on the cloud. The company, one of the leading commercial vendors backing the open source PHP language, has a multifaceted strategy for building applications for cloud environments.

For starters, Zend has a new partnership with cloud computing provider RightScale for development and testing of PHP applications. The firm is also touting new improvements to the Zend Framework. Developer.com takes a look.

The cloud offers enterprises a new approach to deliver applications and it also presents new challenges for developers aiming to build applications for the cloud. Zend, one of the lead commercial vendors behind the open source PHP language, is now accelerating its cloud development efforts with a number of new initiatives.

Zend has a new partnership with cloud computing vendor RightScale for testing and development of PHP applications. A new Zend Studio IDE and improvements to the Zend Framework for PHP application deployment also are in the works. The new efforts from Zend come as the company aims to grow PHP’s share of application development in the cloud.

Read the full story at Developer.com:

Zend Takes PHP Development to the Cloud

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