Zucotto Wireless Trumpets Web Developers’ Tools

Zucotto Wireless Inc. Monday came through with two product developments — the Jacknife™ development suite and the Xpresso™ processor — to better harness multimedia and
wireless applications.

Jacknife is a set of software- and hardware-based tools that enable programmers to develop, integrate, and test advanced wireless Java device applications and services, and bring them to market faster and less

The Java™ semiconductor provider created the suite to help developers with products and services that speed the development of new, innovative wireless applications and devices based on the Sun Microsystems Inc.’s Java 2 Micro Edition™ technology.

The Jacknife suite can be used to develop embedded applications for many wireless consumer devices, including cellular phones, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), automotive electronics and set-top boxes.

Powering Jacknife is Xpresso™, the firm’s latest Java semiconductor. It
is designed to bring dynamic, secure mobile Internet services and multimedia
applications to wireless devices. Jacknife reduces the long development
cycles caused by hardware and software integration issues, enabling original
equipment manufacturers to bring new wireless devices to market more quickly
and with significant development cost savings.

Zucotto’s “pure Java” package also adheres to the Bluetooth™
specification, making the Zucotto platform, including the Xpresso
processor and Jacknife suite, the first to combine Java technology with the
leading industry standard for low-cost, short-range radio links.

Product prices were not listed on the company Web site.

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