Ask Jeeves Adds Multimedia Search Results

Multimedia searchers on AskJeeves will soon be trolling GoFish results on its site.

The first phase of the companies’ integration deal is actually live now, which means GoFish’s multimedia content is enabling Ask Jeeves users to listen to, browse, download and purchase music, video, podcasts, movies, music videos and ring tones.

Music downloads represent five of the top 50 queries on Ask Jeeves, the
companies said. By providing direct access to multimedia content, GoFish expects to help Ask
Jeeves capitalize on one of fasting growing exciting areas of Internet.

The GoFish multimedia platform encompasses over 100 million available
multimedia files across the online commercially-available and user-generated
content landscape, the company said.

The GoFish model assigns the same level of relevance and logical ranking to
multimedia search that has succeeded in the world of web search, the company

By serving highly targeted results that represent the most relevant data,
GoFish enables existing high-traffic search engines and consumer portals to
extract value from searches that are entertainment-media oriented.

One of the largest generators of online advertising, Ask Jeeves counts
roughly 42 million U.S. users
per month, making it an attractive target
for a company that wants to become a major player in Internet advertising.

IAC/InterActiveCorp in March purchased Ask Jeeves for $1.85 billion in stock
in a blockbuster search engine deal that solidified the e-commerce player’s
footing in the online advertising and search market.

In related news, Internet TV
startup Brightcove
announced the appointment of Barry Diller, chairman
and CEO of IAC/InterActiveCorp and to its board of directors.

The online TV firm today announced a video-content distribution partnership
with AOL.

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