Castelle Releases Document Access and Delivery Solution

Castelle introduced this week
InfoPress version 2.0, a Windows NT-based document delivery system.

InfoPress is an “information-on-demand” system that enables users to
request documents via telephone, e-mail, fax, or the Web, and then the
system delivers the content to customers by fax or e-mail.

The product’s “Fax-on-Demand” functionality features automatic conversion
of content, including Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, and HTML documents;
real-time task management; interactive voice response capabilities; and
“Fax Memo,” a tool that enables users to include a tailored cover letter
when sending faxes from their workstations.

InfoPress also includes an “Email-On-Demand” component that allows users to
set up multiple e-mail addresses for various departments and document

The complete Castelle InfoPress Entry Bundle system, which includes voice
hardware, fax hardware, fax-on-demand software, and email-on-demand
software, is available now for a price of $4990.

An InfoPress Enterprise Edition, designed for larger organizations, is
priced at $1295 per port. Both InfoPress Fax-On-Demand and Email-On-Demand
are available as standalone products.

For more information, visit Castelle’s product listing.

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