CyberGuard Adds Y2K Extensions to Product Line

Network security leader CyberGuard
announced today it added Year 2000 (Y2K) extensions to
its current certificate authority and firewall product lines.

Millennium-Guard is described by the company as an
enforcement tool that’s designed to safeguard Y2K-compliant applications
from contamination from noncompliant applications.

CyberGuard reports Millennium-Guard’s “gatekeeper” capability enables
companies to implement their Y2K policy by ensuring that imported programs
downloaded via the Internet or extranets have been validated by a
recognized Y2K authority.

“CyberGuard is the first to offer a product that safeguards our customers’
time and expense in becoming Y2K compliant,” said Robert L. Carberry,
Chairman and CEO of CyberGuard Corporation. “Y2K extensions to a
combination of our certificate authority and firewall products, allow our
enterprise customers peace of mind that their Year 2000 Compliance efforts
will not be jeopardized by future infection from noncompliant software.”

Y2K Compliance Enforcement features will be included in the CyberGuard
Firewall Release 4.0 UNIX-based product line and Release 4.0 of CyberGuard
Firewall for NT. Use of the TradeWave Certificate Authority for Y2K
compliance enforcement is now available.

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