Dell Includes Microsoft Software in Servers

Dell Computer Corp.
announced today that it will factory-install Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0,
Terminal Server Edition (NTS/TSE) software on its PowerEdge servers.

The NTS/TSE program is made to help customers who deploy Dell PowerEdge
servers to multiple geographic locations or smaller businesses without
large technical staffs or budgets. The software is designed to help
customers reduce cost and enhance the management of their networks by
centrally providing Windows-based applications to diverse desktop

Included in the software bundle will be FTP Software’s OnNet Host Suite
software. Pricing was not disclosed.

Dell will offer the factory installation service on its enterprise- and
departmental-class PowerEdge servers. As part of the service, the firm said
customers receive 30 days of support, which includes dedicated phone
assistance to help with the configuration and set up of the server package.

Dell identified typical users of NTS/TSE as large corporate customers who
require enhanced levels of network security and management or users
requiring remote access to data and applications.

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