InfoImage Updates Intranet Architecture

InfoImage Inc. Wednesday unveiled Freedom 1.5, the architecture that forms the base of its new corporate portal suite.

InfoImage said the system gives companies increased intranet and extranet access to employees. It can support up to 500 concurrent users and enables multiple servers to work together to provide access to thousands of users both inside and outside an organization.

“Companies have spent large sums automating their processes, but success in the future will be determined by the velocity in which they can make important business decisions. With the new federated architecture, freedom now enhances and automates the decision-making process within a business much faster,” said Randy Eckel, InfoImage president and chief executive officer.

Using Web browsers, Freedom gives access to intranet pages, databases and a variety of other data. Employees can then contact colleagues using instant messages or e-mail alerts to tell them about information they want to share.

The system works in conjunction with Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange and has several features allowing users to personalize content.

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