Labrador’s E-Retriever Fetches Intranet Information

Labrador Software,
Tuesday launched its E-Retriever 1.0 software, made to retrieve
content and applications on corporate intranets.

E-Retriever is distributed as a “black box” solution, connecting directly
to a network. It offers immediate,
one-to-one direct document or application retrieval, without having to type
in lengthy, intricate URL addresses, said John Furrier, Labrador’s chief
executive officer.

“Our research indicated that corporate employees were spending more time on
their company’s intranet than they spend on the World Wide Web,” Furrier

“But, until now, no firm had provided them with a way to quickly and easily
get to the information they need without time-consuming
searching, typing or browsing.”

E-Retriever is priced at $40,000. Early adopter discounts are available for
1998 customers.

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