Microsoft and Wang Expand Partnership

Microsoft Corp. and Wang Global today announced an expansion of their strategic alliance in delivering business solutions using
Microsoft’s enterprise platform and Wang Global’s support and integration

The union was formed in reaction to customer demand for scalable
business solutions based on Microsoft enterprise technology, and
professional services to design, implement, and support these technologies.

Global Office, a new product created by the two companies, focuses on
five primary areas: migration to the latest Microsoft 32-bit desktop
technologies; networking, messaging and intranet infrastructure; strategic
Internet and electronic-commerce applications; comprehensive networked
technology services; and component-based vertical applications.

As part of the strategic alliance, Wang Global is extending
its service capacity by training 2,500 workers as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers and Microsoft Certified Solution Developers. Wang also plans to open a center at its headquarters in Billerica, MA, and another in Italy, presenting enterprise solutions.

“Windows NT, BackOffice and Office are quickly emerging as the platform
of choice for companies that need scalable, interoperable and reliable
technology to run their business,” said Microsoft v.p. Steve Ballmer. “Our
alliance with Wang represents a major milestone in delivering the
technology and comprehensive services and solutions that enterprise
customers all over the world demand.”

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