NAI Unveils PGP Enterprise Security

Network Associates, Inc. announced today the release of PGP Enterprise Security 3.0, a new security solution that integrates NAI’s leading encryption applications with a suite of server and management tools for enforcing security policies across corporate enterprises.

NAI said the suite is designed to combine e-mail, file, folder, and disk encryption with a set of central security policy and management tools.

PGP Enterprise Security includes PGP Desktop Security 6.0, and new versions of the PGP Certificate Server, PGP Policy Management Agent, and the PGP Software Developers Toolkit.

NAI said the product supports corporate users running Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98 or Macintosh systems, and adds new e-mail application support for Outlook ’98 and Novell GroupWise.

The suite also includes the ability to add photo IDs to PGP certificates, features message recovery with key splitting, and supports the IETF standard “Transport Layer Security.”

“Network Associates has built on PGP’s heritage of personal file and email encryption to create a solution that meets the needs of a whole new class of users,” said Peter Watkins, general manager of the Net Tools Secure division at Network Associates, in a statement. “With its greatly increased scope of functionality, robust back end tools and new policy management capability, PGP is now truly an enterprise solution.”

PGP Enterprise Security 3.0 is available now beginning at $20 per user for 5,000 seats and above.

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