Network Associates Acquires Secure Networks

Network Associates today
signed an agreement to acquire Secure Networks Inc. (SNI) in a bid to expand into the vulnerability assessment technology market.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Network Associates said the move will make it the only company providing a network security suite that features firewalls, global VPNs, intrusion detection, audit analysis, encryption, authentication, anti-virus, and security scanning.

Security scanning allows companies to look at their network’s security prior to possible attacks by hackers trying to steal or destroy information.

The company said it will incorporate SNI’s Ballista tool, a security
auditing scanner, into the Network Associates’ Net Tools Secure suite.
Ballista is designed to uncover security auditing scanning flaws within the network.

Network Associates said the combination product will be offered at a low price and separate from standalone products. Net Tools is now available and retails for $49 per user for up to 5000 users.

“With Net Tools Secure, we give customers the ability to find the security
holes in their networks, plug the holes by tuning their firewalls and then
monitor against further attack with intrusion detection,” said Peter Watkins
General Manager of the Net Tools Secure Division at Network Associates.

“Over the next several months we will continue integrating our firewall and
intrusion detection products to provide a dynamic security defense that
monitors for weaknesses or attacks and adapts the network’s security
configuration for active response.”

Network Associates said the acquisition of Secure Networks will help assist its researchers with the development of new virus and intrusion detection technologies, as well as the development of advanced firewall products.

Santa Clara, CA-based Network Associates is the result of a merger between McAfee Associates and Network General.

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