SurfMap Integrates Search, Navigation

SurfMap Inc. this week released SurfMap Search, the latest addition to its suite of visual search and navigation tools for Web and intranet designers.

SurfMap is designed to harness the power of visual maps which makes sites more navigable and information easier to find.

SurfMap makes it possible to preview the contents of pages using pop-up windows which reduce the time required to click through for further information. The windows also eliminate the need to use a browser’s “back” button since the search results remain visible on the site map.

The product has a customizable index to help improve search results. It also automatically indexes intranet and Internet sites and has a point-and-click interface to assist in the design of search forms and site maps.

Pricing for SurfMap starts at $249. A fully-functional, 30-day evaluation copy can be downloaded from the company’s Web site.

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